Japanese Posters, 1945-1989

Best 100 Japanese Posters, 1945-1989 were donated to the Birmingham Museum of Art by Toppan Moore Publishing Company, Ltd of Tokyo, Japan. JASA is seeking sponsors to underwrite the cost of both framing the posters and building transportation crates.

A contribution of $150 to JASA enables you or your organization to sponsor a poster. Sponsorship includes your name or company logo on the label which is displayed with the poster wherever it is shown.

Samuel Ullman Museum

The honors a poet who spent most of his adult life in Birmingham. In his retirement, Samuel Ullman wrote a poetic essay entitled "Youth," which is widely known and appreciated in Japan. A shared interest in the poem and its author provides a unique and positive link between the United States and Japan.

JASA is pleased to have been involved in the fund-raising and purchase of the Museum which was deeded to the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Significant contributions are now being sought to complete the renovations within the Museum and to establish meaningful programs at the site.