Adult Entertainment: The Baldr Sky

Baldr sky; the famous duology of adult pictorial novels in Japan, full of 2D elements of action that earliest built up by Baldrehead from Giga. This series is comprised of a number of adventurous and action games.

Most of Divel’s games are made up of reading written text that flickers on the screen and is blended with audio to produce voices. It rests upon the player’s selection to make a choice that could exactly determine the upshot of the game. In case the Divel game is with multiple endings the player can be restricted to play all the games to know the result of each and every game.

As similar to other baldr games series, the divel is too motivated by top-down 2D crossing point where the player has to direct a machine in goblin form so that could conflict with foe’s machines. Before this combat the player is presented an opportunity to improve or amend his equipments.

The Baldr sky has come to pass in Japan with the arrival of twenty first century. Now these Nanomachines took a commonplace plus performing a major job in the general public. The capabilities of these hi-fi Nanomachines are being known these days for medical uses, to cure complaints and to convert the food taste. For the people of generation next there is a chip for them to keep them connect to internet all the time. Such high technical growth has truly transformed the past physical world with a new virtual world.

Real tale of the Baldr sky encircles the male protagonists named Kou Kadokura, it is depicted with the help of two timelines; in the present phase there is a series of current episodes and in the past there were flashbacks. When the story starts we find that the Kou is suffered with loss of memory and he recalls his past that is shown in flashbacks whilst he is recollecting his remembrances by getting support of Nanomachines. At the present phase kou as well as his assistant run after his group of proficient scientists who have involuntarily generated a danger by developing Nanomachines. The city plus nearby areas where lab was located was finally destroyed but the group of scientists evacuated the place with safety before the destruction.