Astrology moon signs

You might know your Sun sign but do you have any idea what your moon sign is? Basically sun rules the soul of an individual and moon regulates the mind. The moon sign is that zodiac sign where this heavenly body was present at the time of your birth. Throughout cycle of moon, it travels through each and every zodiac sign and affects the characteristics of that particular sign. It influences the personality of the person and thus is important in terms of astrology. Astrology moon signs have greater influence over the feelings and emotions of the particular person. All this is because of the tidal effects caused by moon in the night and we are well aware of the facts that seventy percent of our bodies are just water.

Moon goes through a cycle of 28 days in the zodiac and stays in any particular sign for not more than 2.5 days so if you do not know your exact time of birth you can still have the right moon sign for you. If you want to find out the moon sign for yourself, internet is the best source you should look for. There are a number of websites that provide means of calculating the moon signs. You only have to feed in your details and click to obtain the results.

The calculations are done according to the moon chart that is available online.
In astrology, moon signs are given more importance because where sun determines the individuality of the person moon determines the mental and emotional side of the same. It tells you about the personality of the person and thus help you find out who is good and bad and owns positive energy. So browse over the astrology moon signs sites and know what your moon sign is.